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Social Media Safety for Children

By Wendy Rice, Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist As parents, the wellbeing and safety of your children is your first and foremost concern. You keep up with what they are doing, what their grades are, who their friends are, and where they go. But have you considered what they are doing and who they are interacting with on social media? Social media is the new hangout for children. It is where a majority of their socializing takes place: they set up profiles to present themselves, describe their interests, seek approval from others, post photos, and share thoughts and feelings. For children, however, free rein in...

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Treating ADHD With More Than Just Meds

By Wendy Rice, Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist Today the incidence of ADHD has risen to 7-10% of children world-wide and about 2-5% of adults. The use of ADHD medication is on the rise, with usage more than tripling worldwide since the early 1990's. This leads many parents to search for supplemental or alternative treatments for their kids. Based on research as well as personal and professional experience, Cognitive Training as an alternative and adjunct approach used in conjunction with other, more traditional types of treatment, can be effective when a child needs more than just medications or the family refuses them. Many children struggle...

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Why Would Anyone Choose an Out-of-Network Mental Health Provider?

As a thriving psychology practice that does not participate in private or government health insurance plans, we are often asked why patients elect to see one of our psychologists on a self-pay fee system despite having insurance coverage.  Here are the top three reasons why it can be beneficial to establish with an out-of-network psychologist: No 3rd Party Dictating Care: We are able to develop individualized treatment plans without under-qualified managed care employees dictating the type of care we are able to provide.  We are able to provide scientifically supported therapies without arbitrary parameters set by insurance companies. We are able to schedule...

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Using Group Therapy to Support High School Girls

For teenage girls, the high school years are incredibly complicated and often filled with turmoil. They are busy trying to position themselves in the social network of their school,  solidify their identity, and gain independence from their families.  The importance of normalizing their daily experiences cannot be underestimated.  This is especially true for teens who have pre existing mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, deficits in social skills, learning disabilities, or any other struggle that makes high school more formidable.  How can we best support these emerging young women to not just survive, but flourish, during these very...

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Succeeding Against All Odds – Dr. Rice’s #1 Best-Selling Book

When I heard that Sandra Yancey, founder and CEO of eWomenNetwork, the premier women’s business network in North America, was working on a new collection of stories to inspire entrepreneurs to shake up old paradigms of success, I knew I had to be a part of it. What an opportunity to help people transform their lives through the power of story! I am SO proud to announce that our book, Succeeding Against All Odds, is now available for pre-order! (And, we have a special bonus for you!) In this book I share my own path to success and fulfillment along with 37 amazing...

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