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Jotting it Down: How You Can Make Your Note-Taking Skills Stronger

Consider the following story as it relates to this week’s topic. I feel really good about going back to school for my master’s degree. It’ll help my career outlook and put me on track to a doctorate. But I’m not looking forward to taking lecture notes. Homework and tests were always easy for me, but as soon as the professor began lecturing and my pen hit the paper, I’d begin sweating bullets. I never knew what to write down! I would miss large chunks of information and it made me anxious about upcoming tests. I hope to find a way to...

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Starting Over: Not Reaching Your Goals May Just Mean That You Haven’t Figured it Out “Yet”

The human condition is amazing for its ability to fail at something repeatedly and, when it is important, to keep on trying. This week’s vignette comes from a personal experience of mine. The struggle began in high school when my mother and I tried out the “Stewardess Diet”. All I remember was that it included beets, a new food for me at the time. I can’t recall if either of us lost any weight, but we definitely bonded over our efforts. I’m not even sure if I needed to lose weight! Now, after many years and at least as many diets, I...

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Summer Sanity

By Wendy Rice, Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist     Ahhhh…the last day of school!  What a magical thing that is. I have memories of streamers flowing out of school bus windows, and throwing overflowing notebooks into the trashcan.  When you are little, summer seems like an endless open opportunity for fun, play, and relaxation. I distinctly remember the day in middle school when I figured out that summer was only eight weeks long.  I was shocked.  It had always seemed to take up at least 50% of my year. Now, as a parent, I have the joy of watching my children experience the building excitement of the...

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Treating ADHD With More Than Just Meds

By Wendy Rice, Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist Today the incidence of ADHD has risen to 7-10% of children world-wide and about 2-5% of adults. The use of ADHD medication is on the rise, with usage more than tripling worldwide since the early 1990's. This leads many parents to search for supplemental or alternative treatments for their kids. Based on research as well as personal and professional experience, Cognitive Training as an alternative and adjunct approach used in conjunction with other, more traditional types of treatment, can be effective when a child needs more than just medications or the family refuses them. Many children struggle...

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