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Diagnostic Interviews

Tampa family psychologistDiagnostic interviews can help you determine why you’re not feeling like yourself, why your child is struggling, or why you or a loved one may be in crisis. If you know that something is troubling you or a loved one, but you’re struggling to define it, then it may be time to come in for a diagnostic interview.

At Rice Psychology Group, our therapists and psychologists will meet with you in the relaxed, comfortable environment of our offices to talk with you about your concerns. Our evaluations are conducted in a professional, but informal, manner where we ask questions to give us a better understanding of your concerns, lead us toward a diagnosis, if appropriate, and determine a plan of action.

Unlike some evaluation methods that can feel one sided, our therapists seek to create a real dialogue during the interview process. It is important to us that you leave the evaluation feeling that you’ve been heard, and that the process gives you an insight, a strategy or a clearer level of understanding that moves you in a positive direction from your very first visit.

When conducting a diagnostic interview, our therapists use a combination of methods that may include:

  • Questionnaires and Behavior Rating Scales
  • Obtaining a developmental history (i.e. background information/current concerns)
  • Symptoms interview and mental status exam
  • Diagnose according to DSM-5

If you have questions about our initial diagnostic interviews, please visit the FAQ: Diagnostic Interviews section of our website, or read some of our Success Stories.

If you’re ready to take the first step, contact our team of Tampa psychologists and therapists today to schedule your evaluation.

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