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Millennial Therapy in Tampa

If you were born between the early ‘80s and late ‘90s, you’re part of a generation like no other that has taken a stance on social matters like diversity, environmental mindfulness, and a focus on the welfare of others. Yes, we’re talking about millennials.

Despite facing tremendous opposition, you’ve worked hard on what you’re passionate about and have made a huge impact. While on your own journey to well-being, even with all of your accomplishments, you might still be running into roadblocks for many different reasons like:

Millennial Therapy in Tampa assessment
  • Having trouble turning your brain off as you bounce from one idea to the next or from one career path to another. Or wishing someone could tell you which choice is “best” or how to make the “right” decision.
  • Wondering about anxiety, ADHD, and depression because you’ve been feeling poor and lethargic, but you know it’s not ideal to diagnose yourself based on WebMD and Buzzfeed
  • Knowing that relationships aren’t easy. You can’t focus at work because you were left on “read” and aren’t sure why. The person you’re dating is pressuring you into moving faster than you want to, and you want to say something but don’t want to hurt their feelings.
  • Having a strong urge to change the world but having no idea how one person can truly make a difference.
  • And, of course, your parents. Are they on your case to find a job? Have they dropped hints about quitting the one you have and looking for a “better” one? Do they want you to move out or think you should move back home? Sure, you’d like to figure it all out on your own, but maybe you could occasionally use some non-parental help.

Figuring out what your passion is, where to live, and how to be a functioning adult can feel incredibly overwhelming, but we can figure it out together with millennial therapy.

It’s Your Journey, But We’ll Help You Along

Millennial Therapy in Tampa assessmentWe recognize that life generally comes with overwhelming servings of doubt, failures, successes, and choices that make you feel anything but certain of the future.

At Rice Psychology Group, our licensed therapists and psychologists would like to accompany you on your journey. There may be some days when you want a guide, someone who can tell you what the “right” or “best” choice is. On other days, you may not want anyone to judge, tell you what to do, or even provide any input. On those days, perhaps, you just want someone to listen as you talk about your thoughts and feelings.

We are a group of seriously well-trained professionals who want to connect with you. We want to offer a comfortable environment and relationship where you can go at your own pace to establish the trust you need. We will listen, ask useful questions, and offer you unbiased, nonjudgmental feedback about what you are dealing with. It can be incredibly helpful to talk through ideas, feel validated, and explore your options with someone who cares and knows how to help with problem-solving, setting goals, and getting there.

With our millennial therapy service, we’ll follow your lead and guide you if you aren’t quite sure where to start. Once you decide we’re a good match, we’ll dig in at your pace to help you figure out what’s gone well, what you’d like to change, and accompany you as you pave the way toward your future. We’ll talk about whatever you want to share with us – thoughts and feelings, relationships, stress, and careers.

If you’re depressed or have an anxiety disorder or ADHD, we’ll figure out how to best help you with those challenges. Maybe you’ve had some experiences in the past you’d like to deal with because you know they’re still causing you trouble or pain. There’s a chance some of our conversations will be a tad intense, but we’ll face those challenges together and help you find the choices, answers, and clarity you deserve.

We’re Ready to Help You

Millennial Therapy in Tampa assessmentRice Psychology Group understands that you, more than anyone, know that time is, as they say, of the essence. If the time is right for you to get started on the next chapter of your life or deal with some of the bumps you’re currently experiencing, we’d be glad to find a convenient time to get together.

Simply reach out to our licensed psychologists and therapists today (we mostly use email and phone for starters) and let us know when it works for you to come in to meet us. We work most days until early evening, and if you live in Florida, we can even do phone or video sessions after we’ve met you once in person. We are open-minded, ready to make a game plan, and look forward to meeting you!

A Note to Parents

If you’re a parent reading this, we know that you may feel like you’ve officially landed in no man’s land. Your child isn’t really a child anymore, but you’re concerned that they aren’t yet functioning like full-fledged adults. You may be worried and unsure of what to do to help them. Do you stand back or step in? Maybe your Millennial Generation child isn’t interested in therapy, but you need some help and support to get through this stage of being a parent. We’re here for you as well.

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