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Rice Psychology Group is looking to hire a Licensed Doctoral Level Child/Adolescent Psychologist.
If you are a psychologist who loves working with children and families and would like to learn more about this position or apply, click here.

Therapy Isn’t Only for Kids!

Therapy Isn’t Only for Kids! Therapy Isnt Only for Kids

Rice Psychology Group offers top-tier therapy services for children, adults and families, and administers some of the most comprehensive psychological evaluations in Tampa Bay.

More and more adults are seeking therapy to assist them with anxiety, depression and relationship challenges.

  • Feeling tired of being overwhelmed & unable to do the things you would like to in life? Therapy can help you overcome the grip anxiety has on you.
  • Regularly feeling sad, sluggish, and as though you are missing out on enjoying life? Therapy can help you overcome the depression that is making your life feel dull.
  • Feel like something is off in your relationship? You might fear repercussions if you set boundaries or ask for changes. Therapy can help you communicate better and improve your relationship challenges.

Therapy Isn’t Only for Kids! Therapy Isnt Only for KidsAt Rice Psychology Group, our adult therapists specialize in Anxiety, Depression, Disordered Eating, Body Image, Pregnancy Loss, Friendships/Relationships, OCD, Millennial Therapy, and Personal Growth.

We focus on getting to know you, your history, strengths, challenges, and your goals in order to provide you with a pathway to healing.

It has never been easier to begin therapy.  Florida residents can now access therapy with our trained group of Psychologists using online technology.  Please contact our office to learn more about us:; (813) 969-3878

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