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Dr. Nikel Rogers-Wood Vlog (Friendship)

Watch, learn, and enjoy! ...

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Dr. Nikel Rogers-Wood Vlog

In this short vlog, Rice Psychology Group’s Dr. Nikel Rogers-Wood would like to discuss the back-to-school period for college students! We hear so much about kids going back to school, but what about those in higher education? Post-high school education can be a period of both academics and finding your identity, and Dr. Rogers-Wood would like to discuss this topic in length. Watch, learn, and enjoy! ...

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Jotting it Down: How You Can Make Your Note-Taking Skills Stronger

Consider the following story as it relates to this week’s topic. I feel really good about going back to school for my master’s degree. It’ll help my career outlook and put me on track to a doctorate. But I’m not looking forward to taking lecture notes. Homework and tests were always easy for me, but as soon as the professor began lecturing and my pen hit the paper, I’d begin sweating bullets. I never knew what to write down! I would miss large chunks of information and it made me anxious about upcoming tests. I hope to find a way to...

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A Helping Hand: What You Can do to Help Your Kids with Their Upcoming Standardized Tests

Consider the following story as it relates to this week’s topic. Ashley’s standardized tests are coming up in a couple of weeks and I can already tell she’s starting to stress about it. She’s typically an A student and will probably do great but these tests are getting to her a bit. The teachers and school administration put so much pressure on students to practice, practice, practice, and sometimes tell them that if they don’t pass, they might not get promoted to the next grade! That is an incredible amount of pressure. We took standardized tests in school, but teachers never...

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Child Giftedness: Putting Them to the Test

I know every parent takes pride in their children’s accomplishments, but lately I’ve felt like my youngest daughter actually is much more advanced than her classmates. I understand it sounds like I’m just being a mother who admires and cherishes her daughter, but I really mean it. Her vocabulary astounds me, she expresses herself better than many adults I know and she’s extremely creative. I realize how this must sound, but what if she’s a gifted child? I’ve heard that other kids are in the gifted program at her school but never knew how they got there! What’s my first...

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