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Are the Benefits of Commercialized Online Therapy Too Good to be True?

Consider the following story as it relates to this week’s topic. When the pandemic hit, it seemed like online therapy companies were popping up left and right. I was already seeing a therapist for some time, and when the world went digital, I was nervous I’d no longer be able to meet with her. Luckily, she offered her services via Telehealth. One day, after being bombarded by Facebook ads for a ton of online therapy companies, I decided to give it a try and see what it was all about. Here’s what I experienced: The therapist I was matched with seemed...

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What’s So Funny? Why Having a Hearty Laugh Can Help During These Times

Consider the following story as it relates to this week’s topic. With so much negativity going on this year, my mindset was in the red. Somehow, I’d turned into a pessimist who focused on the negative side of things almost exclusively. I was so tuned into seeing the negative things in everything. It got so bad that my therapist diagnosed me with anxiety and depression. During one session, we got to talking about turning things around and seeing the other side, the optimistic or positive side. So far, I’ve been doing great, and one thing that’s helped is laughing more. I’d...

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Voting: A Simple Step That Can Help Your Mental Health

Consider the following story as it relates to this week’s topic. Politics can be a very stressful topic. With so much negativity, accusations, and misinformation on the news and social media, it’s no wonder that people get burnt out and just want to tune it all out! Pair this with everything else going on in the world and it’s almost too much to handle. However, I got out to cast my vote in the latest runoff election and can say that this made me feel a little more in control. I felt I did my part in helping make our world...

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In It Together: How You Can Help a Significant Other with Their Mental Health

My boyfriend suffers from depression and ADHD. Some days are really good; however, others can be tough, not just for him, but for me, too. I thought that since I’d taken a few psychology classes in college and read about some specifics related to depression online, I was prepared and could handle whatever his situation threw our way. I was so wrong! Not only are his mental health challenges causing major issues between us, but I’m worried it’s affecting my own mental health as well. I want to help him and our relationship, but I don’t even know where to...

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Why School Punishments for Minor Infractions Don’t Always Work on Kids

Consider the following story as it relates to this week’s topic. Our son is a good kid and does well in school, but my husband and I have noticed that he’s made a couple of questionable decisions in recent months. Nothing serious, but enough to get our attention. We spoke to him about them when they happened, and he was always receptive. Last month, though, he was given detention after talking back to one of his teachers. He was angry and told us, “This is so stupid! All I did was make a joke about something she said! She knew I...

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A Few Topics That Millennials Often Bring Up in Therapy

Consider the following story as it relates to this week’s topic. I’m proud to be a millennial. I love feeling empowered when standing up for what’s right and enjoy the freedom my generation has to speak our minds. While I feel grateful for being a part of this wonderful generation, I’m also starting to feel the massive pressure that comes with it. I’m so stressed about my student loan debt, the cost of living, and saving for my future. When I try to escape reality by watching TV or browsing social media, it seems as if it all highlights the division in...

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