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A Few Topics That Millennials Often Bring Up in Therapy

Consider the following story as it relates to this week’s topic.

I’m proud to be a millennial. I love feeling empowered when standing up for what’s right and enjoy the freedom my generation has to speak our minds. While I feel grateful for being a part of this wonderful generation, I’m also starting to feel the massive pressure that comes with it. I’m so stressed about my student loan debt, the cost of living, and saving for my future. When I try to escape reality by watching TV or browsing social media, it seems as if it all highlights the division in our country and the negative issues plaguing society. It’s all I can think about and I need to talk to someone, but I’m not sure where to begin.

A Few Topics That Millennials Often Bring Up in Therapy

Millennials are the frontline of today’s society. They fight for environmental justice, voice their opinions on matters like health care and politics, and preach acceptance to their contemporaries. At the same time, millennials can also be affected by specific mental and emotional hurdles. What do they talk about in therapy? To those millennials reading this, without breaching confidentiality or betraying anyone’s confidence, Rice Psychology Group is here to showcase a few of the issues that many millennials bring up in therapy.

What’s Brought Up

The best way to fully understand what and how millennials are feeling is by recognizing what it is they face in life. Talking to HuffPost, therapist Tara Griffith discussed the contrast between what millennials are told their life would be like versus how their life truly is. They’ve been told they’ll go to college and be successful, or they’ll do what they love and have a fruitful career. But that’s not always the case. “Feelings of disillusionment and being “stuck” arise,” Griffith said.

This gives way to some of the most common things millennials discuss with therapists:

  • Decision Doubts – Millennials commonly doubt their self-worth despite performing well in college and jobs. In fact, when faced with making decisions in their professional or personal lives, they often have a hard time.
  • Saying “No” – Millennials often have a hard time saying no when presented with an invitation to do something. This may be a result of being raised by “helicopter parents.” By saying no, millennials lose a chance to impress, which gives way to guilt over disappointing others.
  • No Money, No Love – Millennials are the generation most affected by the 2008 recession and student debt. These financial woes commonly lead to worrying about how their dating life will be affected. They’re either frightened about what a potential partner will think of their finances or worry about having a relationship with a partner who’s in a lot of debt.
  • Hopelessness – With so much bad news happening in the world lately, it’s no surprise that millennials are heavily impacted by it all, often feeling worried and helpless about inequality and our environment.
  • Feeling Less Worthy – With so many competing for recognition on social media and wanting to appear perfect, many millennials are left wondering if their lives are as good as other people’s. This can lead to feelings of self-consciousness and worthlessness that debilitates both emotionally and mentally.
  • Anxiety – The American Psychological Association revealed that millennials are more stressed than previous generations, and less able to manage it. It’s a culmination of everything previously discussed (and more) stacking up and keeping this generation from mentally resting and tuning out.

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