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Teachers: Real Life Superheroes

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It’s Teacher Appreciation Week and Rice Psychology Group would like to take this time to talk about a few of our favorite people… teachers! We appreciate our teachers for so many reasons. They are role models and mentors. They possess the ability to inspire and motivate students, and their dedication to shaping the minds of younger generations cant be matched. And as if we didnt already know, 2020 taught us just how valuable and essential our teachers really are. (One of the few positive things the pandemic gave us.)

Unfortunately while our teachers have arguably one of the toughest jobs in society, they arent always treated like the superheroes they really are. Why? Beats us! However, Rice Psychology Group has always and will always support our teachers as much as we possibly can. Weve worked closely with educators and school counselors for years to give them the tools they need for success and to continue to enrich the lives of those they teach. Weve collaborated with them on evaluations and testing, while sharing our own expertise and learning from them as well. (You can learn more about our team working with your school here.)

Teachers Make An Impact

Over the last several weeks our team has been reminiscing on the educators that have made an impact in our lives and we’d like to share this memory from Dr. Wendy Rice:

One of my favorite teachers, Mr Harrison – 3rd grade, made learning so much fun. I specifically remember his love for Star Wars and the light sabers we made in his class. He also had a gum ball machine on his desk even though it wasn’t allowed at school! Several years later, when I was in the 6th grade, he passed away. I remember running home from middle school so upset and in tears. When I think of Mr. Harrison, I dont remember any tests or assignments, I remember how much he cared, and how much fun we had that year. He taught me that you can make almost anything more enjoyable and memorable by infusing fun in what you do and that how you make people feel is often more important than what you say. He cared about all of his students and it showed through his actions. I will never forget how he made me feel and that’s what it’s all about. When I think about Mr. Harrison I cant help but smile.”

(Keep an eye on our social media this week for more stories from our entire team.)

Its teachers like Mr. Harrison that keep our world going. They keep ensuring that the next generation will not only be positive, contributing members of society, but also decent, well rounded human beings. Many of them spend their own money or work extra, unpaid overtime to make sure their students are taken care of both in the classroom and at home.

Our Challenge to You

This week and every week after, our team of psychologists in Tampa would like to encourage all of you to support your teachers. Whether it be verbally, physically, mentally, or financially – let our teachers know how much we love and appreciate them.

Here For Our Teachers

If you are an educator and are feeling overwhelmed or just simply burnt out, Rice Psychology Group is here to help. Contact our licensed psychologists today.

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