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Remembering Our Fallen Soldiers

Memorial Day is more than a day of remembrance to honor our fallen soldiers. It is also a day when our entire nation formally becomes a community to serve as witnesses to those who have personally lost their son/daughter, brother/sister, husband/wife, father/mother, and beloved friend....

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How to Deal with Parenting Role Reversals

By Wendy Rice, Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist Can you pinpoint when things changed? Can you remember the exact moment you began worrying more about your parents’ well-being than they did about yours? When did the advice-giving go from being a one-way street of your parents advising you on what to do, to both ways, and then more from you to them? Did it happen overnight? I’m betting it was more of a gradual change (albeit one that at some point slapped you right in the face without warning), much like it was for me. Life is full of changes that can surface when you least expect them. Let...

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The Psychological Price of Affluence

By Megan Sutsko, Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist A recent trend in social media has users following their statuses or captions with funny self-deprecating hashtags. Examples are,  “My PureBarre class was cancelled #whitegirlproblems” or “iphone contacts deleted! #firstworldproblems.” The assumption is that when upper class Americans complain, their worries are really minimal compared to those with “real” problems. What could financially privileged families and individuals really have to complain about anyway? Well, as far as mental health is concerned, there is actually scientifically supported research that has found that the wealthiest families in our nation have some of the most at-risk children and...

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Summer Sanity

By Wendy Rice, Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist     Ahhhh…the last day of school!  What a magical thing that is. I have memories of streamers flowing out of school bus windows, and throwing overflowing notebooks into the trashcan.  When you are little, summer seems like an endless open opportunity for fun, play, and relaxation. I distinctly remember the day in middle school when I figured out that summer was only eight weeks long.  I was shocked.  It had always seemed to take up at least 50% of my year. Now, as a parent, I have the joy of watching my children experience the building excitement of the...

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