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How to Deal with Parenting Role Reversals

By Wendy Rice, Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist Can you pinpoint when things changed? Can you remember the exact moment you began worrying more about your parents’ well-being than they did about yours? When did the advice-giving go from being a one-way street of your parents advising you on what to do, to both ways, and then more from you to them? Did it happen overnight? I’m betting it was more of a gradual change (albeit one that at some point slapped you right in the face without warning), much like it was for me. Life is full of changes that can surface when you least expect them. Let...

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Father’s Day Observations

By Mary Ann Pickard Is Father’s Day a time to just buy another greeting card or a time to think about what Dad means to you? I have observed Fathers for close to 60 years.  From my own father, to those of my cousins, classmates, students, friends, and especially the one who helped me raise my own kids.  I am pretty sure I have personally seen the full range of the worst (those who deny, abuse or abandon) to the absolute best fathers (those who love, respect and protect).The one thing they all have in common is the power to impact their...

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Do you fight fair?

The occasional dispute can be healthy for a relationship, but do you fight with a sense of fairness? It is healthy to discuss. It is healthy to have disagreements. It is healthy to have opinions. But it is important to fight fair. There are some people who get ugly and abusive when they argue, and there are others who can discuss and argue and be productive. Below are some evaluation questions to consider the next time you have an argument with your significant other: Do you communicate well? A lot of arguments stem from one or both parties not effectively communicating. Are you voicing...

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Preventing Financial Fights: Tips on Financially Planning for Your Marriage’s Future

Every married couple has their spats (from scheduling, housework, in-laws, and pretty much everything under the sun), but fighting about certain things could spell trouble. According to a recent Kansas State University study, the arguments that are most likely to lead to divorce are centered around finances. And while disagreements about other topics can slowly chip away at a marriage’s foundation and lead to bigger issues down the road, fights involving money tend to do the most damage because they involve harsher language, last longer, and are more difficult to get over. Get your relationship started off on the right foot from...

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