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Succeeding Against All Odds – Dr. Rice’s #1 Best-Selling Book

succeeding against all odds book coverWhen I heard that Sandra Yancey, founder and CEO of eWomenNetwork, the premier women’s business network in North America, was working on a new collection of stories to inspire entrepreneurs to shake up old paradigms of success, I knew I had to be a part of it. What an opportunity to help people transform their lives through the power of story!

I am SO proud to announce that our book, Succeeding Against All Odds, is now available for pre-order!

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In this book I share my own path to success and fulfillment along with 37 amazing coauthors who, like me, discovered a way not only to move past setbacks, but also to use these challenges to our advantage. Succeeding Against All Odds is packed with courageous “beforeand-after” stories, “a-ha” moments and proven strategies for achieving all that you want out of life—and more.

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  • From Denise Antoon, founder of The Antoon Group, a PR and events company dedicated to elevating clients to the top of their field, a free 60-minute coaching call (first 7 registrants); her “Get on the Map: Top Strategies to Become a Celebrity in Your Field” video; and her 60-minute teleseminar, “The Celebrity Equation™, an introduction to PR course.
  • Nutrition, lifestyle and image expert Emily Filloramo offers her ebook and audio, “How to Be Beautiful: 7-Step AGELESS Plan for Midlife Women”; her audio training, “Rejuvenate Your Body, Mind and Life: 3-Part Plan to Slim Down, Look Younger and Live Longer”; and for the first 7 registrants, a 3-month Group Membership in her “Ageless Beauty and Health Midlife Reinvention Program.”
  • For the first 11 registrants, a free 20-minute psychology session with Dr. Wendy Rice, customized to help you get out of your own way; and a “Lighten Your Overwhelm,” a free 60-minute teleseminar that will teach you how to achieve the highest level of success possible by making both your strengths AND your weaknesses work for you.
  • From Gorana Angert, the founder of the Ultimate Scenario Company, a free 45-minute “Discovery Session” (first 7 registrants) to delve deep into your business and learn what you’re missing and create a series of action steps to maximize your earning potential; her “5 Keys to Maximize Video Potential in Your Business” Video Training; the eGuide, “17 Ways to Use Video in Your Business to Connect, Convert, and Make More Money; and her 60-minute teleseminar, “How to Create Super Successful Marketing Videos.”

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Succeeding Against All Odds uncovers the unexpected insights, advantages and blessings that can be gained when you embrace seemingly insurmountable challenges. Let this book be your touchstone as you embark on the life you were born to lead!

Act now! Your own success story is but a page turn away…



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