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A Guide to Navigating Mother’s Day

We realize that Mother’s Day can be different for everyone. Maybe you’re close with Mom and Sunday is a day of celebration. Or maybe you’ve lost her or the mother figure in your life and it’s a day of pain. Or maybe you treat it like any other day the way I do with Father’s Day (I lost my dad over 30 years ago).

Rice Psychology Group has explored different scenarios and relationships over the years and has shared some helpful advice and tips through our weekly blogs. To make these easily accessible so that you don’t end up taking time out of your busy day to search for them, we’ve put together a Mother’s Day blog guide below.

A Guide to Navigating Mother’s Day

Celebrating Mom from a Distance

As we’re beginning to see some normalcy creep back into our everyday lives, there are still a few of us who either can’t or aren’t comfortable with being around others just yet. If your family is still having to celebrate Mom from a distance, then we suggest reviewing this helpful blog we wrote last year during the height of the pandemic.

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Celebrating Through Grief

When we lose a loved one like a parent or child, just getting through the day can be hard. However, getting through a holiday like Mother’s or Father’s Day can seem extremely overwhelming. If you feel as if you’ll struggle to get through this Sunday because Mom is longer with you, then we hope this blog can help.

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Celebration for Some, Disregard by Others

Is celebrating Mom on Sunday something you won’t do because of your relationship with her? Family dynamics can be tricky and can make certain holidays more stressful. Consider reading this blog about coping with Mother’s Day when your relationship is strained. It has helpful steps to begin repairing it.

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The Mother/Daughter Bond

There is nothing quite like the relationship between a mother and daughter. It’s an incredibly special one that, over time, can become complex and hard to navigate. If you’re looking for ways to build your relationship with Mom this Mother’s Day (or maybe with your daughter), then this blog can help.

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When You’re the Mom

As Mom ages, it soon becomes our responsibility to take care of her when she declines in health. This can be a very overwhelming situation to find yourself in. Check out this blog on things to consider for Mother’s Day when you’re the one caring for Mom.

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Understanding the Meaning Behind the Holiday

Have you ever wondered about the history behind Mother’s Day? When did it start? How was it celebrated in the past before the Hallmarks and flower companies of the world took it over? In one of our earlier blogs, we wrote about the history and meaning behind this beloved day.

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If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you or a loved one, check out our blogs by clicking here. Be sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter so you won’t miss out on future topics. We hope that however you’re celebrating (or not celebrating) this Sunday, you find peace and positivity.

Remember, Mom isn’t always the woman who birthed you. She can also be Grandma, an aunt, an older sister, or any unconventional mother figure who provided or still provides you with love and guidance. Whoever she is, spend the day embraced in love and enjoy this special time.

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