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Father’s Day: Getting Through it or Making the Most of It

Father’s Day: Getting Through it or Making the Most of It

A few weeks ago, we discussed Mother’s Day and the difficulties some people experience with it. Now, as the nation prepares to grill some celebratory burgers, go out for a camping trip or try to find the perfect gift for Dad, others are dreading the day. If you have a difficult relationship with your father, you might be scratching your head and wondering how you’ll come out of Father’s Day unscathed. It may get tough, but there are a few steps you can take to either survive Father’s Day or attempt to repair a strained relationship with Dad.

Avoiding It

This is not typically our number one piece of advice, but sometimes it’s our best option. Father’s Day may not be as widely advertised as Mother’s Day, but escaping it can be just as difficult if your relationship with Dad is strained or non-existent. In many cases, avoiding Father’s Day can be the first step towards getting through it.

Try your best to avoid social media; especially if you know your friends and loved ones will be sharing Father’s Day posts. You can additionally spend the day pampering yourself and making sure that you feel entirely valued.

Perhaps you can catch a movie, spend some time with nature or simply stay at home doing your favorite things! If you know a friend or loved one that’s on the same boat as you, it can be a good idea to invite them to spend the day feeling loved and valued along with you.

Moving Forward

If it’s time to mend your relationship with Dad, then know to keep realistic expectations. There’s a chance you won’t be cooking a meal with him or grabbing a beer after the first attempt at mending the relationship, so don’t expect a picture-perfect bond to happen overnight. Try to keep in mind that:

  • Your initiative will be required if the relationship is to be repaired.
  • Communicating your thoughts, feelings and everything in between is a must.
  • You’ll have to listen just as much as you share.
  • You’ll have to try your best to understand where Dad is coming from.
  • Forgiveness is key if you wish to move forward.
  • Disagreements will happen, no matter how healthy your relationship is.

Take a Chance

If your relationship with Dad just isn’t there or needs some building, or if celebrations on Father’s Day tend to be painful for you and your loved ones, know that Rice Psychology Group is here to help. Our Tampa psychologists are ready to listen to your story so that together we can find the best way to face your situation. Contact us today for more information about our services.

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