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“Perfection” on Social Media Does Not Make You Perfect

Consider the following story as it relates to this week’s topic. I love following bloggers on Instagram and could spend hours watching their makeup or home DIY tutorials. In fact, I love it so much that it’s starting to interfere with my lifestyle in a significant way. Ever since I discovered the world of bloggers on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest who share their beauty recommendations, cooking tips, or home decor projects, I’ve become somewhat obsessed - and not in a good way. I’ve become overwhelmed with perfection and making sure that my life looks just as good as theirs on social media....

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A Millennial Approach: Helping Young Clients Remember Their Therapy Sessions

Consider the following story as it relates to this week’s topic. I have a ton of things on my mind each day. Even when I’m in bed, my head is spinning with reminders, ideas, and random thoughts! I’ve gotten so busy that I’m starting to forget what my weekly therapy appointments were about, especially those focused on the previous week. When my therapist and I chat, I tend to have trouble focusing since my responsibilities or something interesting I saw online always pops back into my head and I’m constantly wanting my phone to either help me take care of them...

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Being the Best Role Model: How a Parent’s Screen Addiction Can Affect Their Child’s Well-Being

As a parent, do you believe that you’re a good role model for your child? It seems like a simple question and our experience shows that a majority of parents want to be good role models. When you look closer at every detail of your life, though, you may find some potentially damaging behaviors that can have a negative effect on your children’s well-being. One potentially damaging behavior that a parent can pass onto their child is an over-reliance or addiction to screen time. Our Tampa-based psychologists and therapists would like to highlight how this behavior can easily become an addiction and how...

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At Rice Psychology Group, We Are so Happy to Now Offer Millennial Therapy!

Millennials are the generation currently pushing us towards incredible progress. You’re out there fighting for diversity, acceptance, and mindfulness like no other generation before. You take to the streets to protest, voice your opinions on social media, aim your personal lives towards success, and do so without stopping to take a break. While millennial life comes with specific benefits, it also comes with very specific mental and emotional obstacles. It’s the reason why our team of licensed psychologists and therapists is now offering Millennial Therapy. The Generational Standard Despite your best efforts to appear well-rounded and happy on social media and in life,...

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