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Holiday Mayhem: Dealing with Stress During Your Holiday Planning Efforts

I’m definitely not looking forward to the end of December. Each year, my siblings and I take turns hosting our holiday dinners and get-togethers. This year, it’s my turn and I absolutely know that I’ll be pulling my hair out long before family even begins to arrive. First, I have to plan out the dinner, estimate how much to cook since I have such a large family, then I have to complete my gift shopping and finally comes the planning for family members who will be staying with us for a few days. It’s gotten so overwhelming that my husband has offered to do some shopping for me after he gets out of work. My three kids will have to share a room since my parents and in-laws will be staying a few nights. On that same note, I’m not on the best terms with my mother-in-law, so I know there will be a bit of family drama. And on top of it all, I know we’ll be spending a lot of money over the next month. I just need to sit back, relax and take my time doing all of this.

Dealing with Stress During the Holiday Season

For most of us, the holidays are a time of celebration, reunions, making memories and joy. For a few others, however, it can mean stressful situations. Holiday planning is something than many families deal with, and the stress resulting from it can really put a damper on a period of the year reserved for happiness. If you feel that this holiday season will be a stressful one, then read on to see what you can do to help make it easier.

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What Are the Difficulties?

All families are unique, and as such, the problems each face are unique as well. These problems can, most of the time, result from stress dealing with finances and limited time to do so much. However, there are plenty more that can include:

  • Having to deal with a not-so-functional family
  • The pressure of having to do everything yourself within a small window of time
  • Dealing with siblings or parents who will host the holiday dinner/get-together
  • Time constraints in shopping for gifts or preparing a large meal
  • Financial woes in dealing with how gifts and food will be paid for
  • Dealing with strong emotions over family members who will not be able to attend or have passed away
All families are unique, and as such, the problems each face are unique as well. Click To Tweet

What Can You Do?

Did any of the aforementioned sound familiar? If so, know that whatever you’ve gone through in the past and may experience in the future is something countless others have dealt with. What can you do to make your holiday get-together easier to deal with? We feel the following can help:

  • Speak Up – There’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help if you’re feeling overwhelmed in your holiday planning. Ask your spouse or children to lend a hand with cooking or gift shopping if your hands are full.
  • Set Boundaries – If you’re expecting some troublesome family members to attend your get-together, establish a few clear boundaries about what’s allowed and what isn’t. Certain topics of conversation that will not be tolerated in your home should be highlighted with everyone present. If certain activities, like alcohol drinking, are not to be permitted in your home, be sure to explain this in a non-confrontational manner.
  • Do it Your Way – Many families like to go all out in celebrating the holidays, but if you feel that it’s an effort you’d rather skip to avoid stressing about, then do what you feel comfortable with. For example, many families cook specific foods during the holidays, like a turkey, but if you’d rather do something less strenuous or expensive, then do it. Or maybe your family celebrates in a very conservative way and you’d like to go all out. That’s okay too.
  • Close Your Wallet – It’s perfectly normal to want to save money during a period of typical overspending. Giving gifts to loved ones is a great experience, but will you be stressing out about making payments on your credit card next year? Rather than make a big purchase at a retailer, try making a gift yourself, like a candy basket, home cooked meal or coupons for special outings.
  • Remembering Those You’ve Lost If you’ve suffered a personal loss in the year since your last holiday celebration, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed, especially in knowing that this will be the first major family get-together without him/her. We encourage you to share your feelings with others, don’t keep them bottled up. There’s a very real chance that your family may be experiencing similar emotions.
We encourage you to share your feelings with others, don’t keep them bottled up. Click To Tweet

Avoid Stressing with Rice Psychology Group

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