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Ending the Year on a High Note: Taking a Holiday Vacation with the Family

2016 has been an interesting year to say the least. Not only have several newsworthy things happened since January, life for my entire family has been a rollercoaster ride. In March, my husband had to take a pay cut since his company was downsized. In the summer, our youngest son broke his arm during a football game at a family reunion and needed two surgeries. And last month our daughter was rejected from her top choice university to which she had applied early decision. I’ve done my best to hold the family together to get us through it all, but as the year is coming to an end and the holidays are just around the corner, the stress of having to shop for gifts and prepare a family get-together are starting to catch up to me. My husband brought up the idea of just hitting the road, the four of us, and taking a much-needed family vacation using some money that we’ve been saving for a few years. I think it’ll be great to just get away from it all with the kids and have some fun and spend time together!

Rice Psychology Group | Taking a Vacation with Family

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed with the many things life throws at you that you just wanted to get away from it all? Trust us, it happens very often and wanting to just hit the road to visit new places is just one of many great ways to ease your mind by getting away from whatever it is that’s stressing you.

As we have discussed in our blogs over the past few weeks, around the holidays, your stress levels can skyrocket due to a number of factors. If you and your loved ones feel that it’d be best to forego your typical holiday celebration and instead spend some time away from home, but together, then a vacation may be just what you all need.

Read on to see what great things come about by taking a long-needed vacation at the end of the year.

Rice Psychology Group understands the importance of participating in relaxing activities when things become overwhelming. Contact us in Tampa today to learn what else you can do to relax!

De-Stressing Takes Time

Oftentimes, when one is feeling overwhelmed with stress, they’ll want to take a break. For example, if you’re having a hectic workweek and need some “me” time, you’ll more than likely take an afternoon or day off to relax and unwind. The thing is, this may not be enough time to de-stress. Before you know it, you’ll quickly be back at work, surrounding yourself with whatever it is that’s stressing you once again.

Oftentimes, when one is feeling overwhelmed with stress, they’ll want to take a break. Click To Tweet

The same can happen with the holidays. This period of the year can be hectic with gift shopping, preparing family celebrations and fearing those credit card bills for all of the purchases you made in December. It happens to all of us! But know that taking a few days off may not be enough. If anything, a week or two might be more beneficial. That’s why holiday vacations are great; many workplaces offer holiday vacation time and your kids will more than likely have a week or two off from school.


So, let’s say you and the family have decided to go away for a week or two. Where will you go? Which locales will be most beneficial when de-stressing? If you’re used to the city life, then areas with a calm demeanor might be best.

Areas that do little to remind you of your stress often make the best vacation spots. Click To Tweet

The snow-capped Rocky Mountains in the distance may be more appealing to you than a city skyline if you’re working a typical nine to five job. Or, a beach destination with warm weather could work wonders on your mood if you reside in a northern, snowy state.

Keep in mind that areas that do little to remind you of your stress make the best vacation spots. Isn’t that the purpose of getting away in the first place?

Concentrate on the Present

Embrace the present and concentrate on the enjoyment you’re experiencing now. Click To Tweet

Sometimes, we can’t help but think about the problems we’ll deal with once a vacation is over. This is fine, but don’t let it consume the wonderful time you’re having with your travel companions (spouse, kids, significant others, friends). Being together away from home is a rare occurrence, so treat it as such.

Embrace the present and concentrate on the enjoyment you’re experiencing now. If anything, returning home with a clear mind can very well help you better tackle those problems you wanted to get away from in the first place.

Helping You Feel Better

The team at Rice Psychology Group loves a good vacation and understands the many benefits of taking a trip to unwind. Sometimes, though, a vacation may not be an option. However, speaking with a licensed professional who’s familiar with the importance of relaxing to better handle life’s issues can be just as helpful.

Our psychologists want nothing more than for you to live life to the fullest without constantly having to worry about everyday obstacles. Contact us in Tampa today to schedule an appointment.

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