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Small Acts: How Kindness Can Help Brighten Anyone’s Day

To say I had a bad day is an understatement. First, I forgot to set my alarm, which made me late for class, then I got a flat and I couldn’t find the jack! Now I need to pay for towing and a replacement. To top it all off, the electricity in my apartment complex went out, making it impossible to do homework. Lucky for me, my friend Steve offered to let me stay at his place so I could use his Internet and complete my assignments. Then he treated me to dinner since he was aware of how rough a day I was having. To him, everything he did for me was nothing, but for me, it helped ease a terrible day. His kindness makes me feel so fortunate to have him as a friend and I’ll never forget the little things he does for me.


We’ve all had bad days where we just want to plop into bed and sleep to make it all go away. There are other times, however, where we’ve been shown small acts of kindness that brighten even the dampest of days. Have you ever had to make an emergency call but had a dead phone and were allowed to use someone else’s? How about a time when somebody offered to let you cut in line at the airport?

We’ve all had bad days where we just want to plop into bed and sleep to make it all go away. Click To Tweet

It’s these little acts of kindness that can make you feel a bit better when everything feels wrong. Funnily enough, there’s a day dedicated to small, random acts of kindness. November 13th is known as “World Kindness Day”, a time where we can all do something small for someone that can help get them through the day, ease a bad moment or to just be nice!

Sometimes things in life can be tough, but Rice Psychology Group understands that talking with someone or just listening to problems can mean the world to a person in need. Contact us if you need someone to speak with.

Kindness Toward Others

Who hasn’t complimented a friend on his or her clothing or held a door open for someone entering a building? It’s these little things that make others feel appreciated, even if you don’t know them. Furthermore, imagine how many friendships and relationships have been built on small acts of kindness.

Not only that, but doing something kind for another person without expecting anything in return just feels good. It makes us happy and wanting to do it more. If our kind acts are witnessed, they may influence others to do the same for strangers.

If our kind acts are witnessed, they may influence others to do the same for strangers. Click To Tweet

What are some small things you can do to help someone feel better? Here is a brief list:

  • Offer assistance to someone, even if they may not need it. This can include sorting files with a coworker or helping your neighbor with some lawn work.
  • Bring a treat to your coworkers like candies or donuts.
  • Compliment someone on a job well done. This applies to coworkers who’ve completed a project or a child who did well on a school assignment.
  • Send a hello via text or email to friends or loved ones on a regular basis, and ask how they’re doing.
  • Make donations to charities or medical research foundations.
  • Sit down and talk with someone who might be going through a rough patch. Simply having someone listen to problems can be a breathe of fresh air.
  • And one of my personal favorites, pay the tab of the person behind you at the drive through!

Kindness Toward Yourself

We also encourage you to show yourself some kindness, with some degree of regularity. We don’t necessarily mean splurging on yourself with clothing or electronics. Instead, do small things that can make you feel good about yourself. This can include:

  • Helping Others – There’s perhaps no better feeling than helping someone who’s going through a bad time. Like we mentioned above, offer to listen to their problems or just spend some time with them to let them know they aren’t alone in whatever it is they’re dealing with.
  • Exercising – Going for short walks each or every other day with a friend or loved one can be relaxing, both for the mind and body. This can also include jogging or spending some time at the gym, anything that will make you feel better through accomplishment. Remember, avoid activities that are sure to be strenuous, otherwise it defeats the purpose.
  • Reading – Pick up a book every once in a while and get lost in whatever it is you’re reading. It’s mentally and physically relaxing and can help you forget about whatever it is that might be troubling you.
  • Asking for Help – There’s nothing wrong with asking for help if you’re going through something troubling. If you’re struggling with something that’s bothering you, reach out to someone to have a chat and get things off of your chest. You may very well feel much better afterward.

Helping You Feel Better

Being kind is an effort that’s small, but it’s one that can be very rewarding. Click To Tweet

Being kind is an effort that’s small, but it’s one that can be very rewarding. Our team of psychologists in Tampa understands the power of sitting down and talking things out. We do our best to provide a judgment-free environment to help patients feel better for various behavioral issues. If you’d like to schedule an appointment with a member of our team, give Rice Psychology Group a call today.

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