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Yes, You Can Survive This Valentine’s Day

Yes, You Can Survive This Valentine’s Day

If you have recently walked through a grocery store, you have already seen it. There are hearts, candies, and romantic gifts everywhere. While this time of year is a celebration of love of every kind – romantic, platonic, self-love, etc., this holiday has placed a silent but immense pressure on many people.

Everywhere you look, you’re being encouraged to spend hundreds of dollars on elaborate gifts and perform over-the-top gestures to prove your love. (Thanks, social media!) If you’re single, you may have been made to feel as if you should have a significant other this day.

Rice Psychology Group wants you to know that while we appreciate a holiday built around a love, February 14th does not have to be a day filled with anxiety, loneliness, or sadness. Our licensed psychologists here in Tampa want to help fill your Valentine’s Day with positivity with a few tips you can use for a happier holiday.

Survive and Thrive This Valentine’s Day

If You’re Single, attempt to:

  • Ignore Society’s Dialogue– Society expectations may say that the “right way” to live is to be in a romantic There is zero shame in being single on Valentine’s Day or any day.  In fact, there is research that shows that being single by choice can be an excellent option.
  • Indulge in Yourself– Do your favorite activity, go for a walk in a special place, how about a little time at a spa just for you, make a special dinner, or even some time meditating can be i. You know yourself best – trust that you know what is most likely to benefit your mental health and bring you joy..
  • Treat Yourself– Who says you can’t be your own Valentine? Buy yourself candy, flowers, or something you have wanted for a while because why not
  • Gather with Friends and Family– Valentine’s Day celebrates all types of relationships, not just romantic ones. Get your single friends together, do something fun, or spend a little extra time with your favorite family members and party together.
  • Seek Help if Needed– If you’re alone on Valentine’s Day and it has you feeling anxious or depressed, our licensed therapists at Rice Psychology Group can help!

If you’re in a relationship:

  • Ignore Society’s Dialogue– Yep, this is the same tip we gave the single folks. Society, especially the social media community, reiterates buying “the perfect” items, date nights, or activities to not miss out on. Everyone is different, and there’s no such thing as the “perfect day of love.” So don’t spend all your time and money trying to create it.
  • Communicate– Have a conversation with your partner. Manage your expectations by asking others what they expect, what they would like, how they want to celebrate it or if they even want to celebrate it.
  • Plan in Advance– If you plan something for the big day, do not wait until the last minute. This is your sign to call the restaurant, buy the gift, or order the flowers NOW! You will save yourself a lot of stress and anxiety. You can thank us later!
  • Avoid Comparison and Remember the Meaning of the Holiday– Turn off social media for the day and enjoy it for what it is: a day to celebrate love however you choose. Who cares what others think or what they are doing?

We understand there’s no such thing as a stress-free holiday. However, we believe following these tips can help you have a calmer, more enjoyable Valentine’s Day. Remember, at the end of the day, it’s just another day of the year.

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