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4 Recommendations for Managing Your Child’s Gift Expectations

Regardless of your reason for celebrating the season, we’re willing to bet your child is extremely excited about what gifts they will receive. As a parent, have you been stressing about ensuring your children have the best holiday experience and that they receive some fantastic gifts?

Our psychologists in Tampa understand that you want to give your child everything they desire, and while there is nothing wrong with that, that pressure can be an added stressor to you. Doing so can also lead your children to develop the unrealistic belief or expectation that they will receive whatever they desire.  Having children who expect whatever they put on their holiday wish list can place a substantial emotional or financial burden on your entire family.

So, what can you do to ensure your family’s holiday is memorable and keep your child’s expectations in line? We have a few suggestions.

4 Recommendations for Managing Your Child's Gift Expectations psychologists in Tampa

Manage Your Child’s Gift Expectations

Providing a satisfying holiday experience while keeping your child’s expectations in check can be a difficult and overwhelming job for a parent. These strategies may be able to help:

  • Make memories. As your kids get older, they may not remember the gifts they did or did not receive as much as the memories they made. Consider creating special memories and traditions with them for a special holiday season.
  • Emphasize experiences rather than or along with gifts. Nurture your child’s desire for experiences over gifts to help ease your child away from having high expectations every year. Try planning a family vacation later in the year together or asking them for a wish list of activities they want to do with you on the actual holiday. You can give them cards and pictures of the experiences as gifts so they know what types of experiences await them in the future.
  • Emphasize giving. Teach your children that not everyone can have the same holiday experience they can. You can practice giving by volunteering at a soup kitchen, donating gifts to families in need, or making holiday cards to military members overseas.
  • Don’t wait until the season to instill your values. It can be easier to manage gift expectations in December if you consistently share the importance of appreciating what we receive year-round with your child.

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There’s still time to communicate with your family and ensure you are all on the same page regarding what to expect this time of year. However, if you need help with approaching this, please feel free to contact our team of licensed psychologists and read our reviews online.

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