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Parental Caution: What a History of Mental Illness in Your Family and Marijuana Could Mean for Your Kids

Consider the following story as it relates to this week’s topic. When I was a teen, smoking marijuana was a common pastime for my friends and I. It was fun, mostly harmless, and we all grew out of it fairly quickly. Our kids are still young and happily not old enough to be dabbling with illicit substances yet (seriously, they are five and eight!). I told my wife that I wouldn’t mind if our children dabbled in a little weed when they were a bit older as long as they kept their usage to a minimum, but she immediately opposed this...

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Trying to Cope: An Inside Look at the Effects of Traumatic Events

I honestly thought things would be better after the accident. I mean, I expected to be shocked and frightened when it happened, but now it’s been months and somehow I’ve been feeling even worse. I can’t walk out the door without feeling vulnerable, helpless and angry at the thought that it might happen again, even if my friends tell me it won’t.  A traumatic event, such as an illness, accident, assault or natural disaster can produce aggressive and troubling emotions. While some people may overcome these feelings without the need of professional help, others may struggle for lengthy periods of...

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