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Trying to Cope: An Inside Look at the Effects of Traumatic Events

depressedI honestly thought things would be better after the accident. I mean, I expected to be shocked and frightened when it happened, but now it’s been months and somehow I’ve been feeling even worse. I can’t walk out the door without feeling vulnerable, helpless and angry at the thought that it might happen again, even if my friends tell me it won’t. 

A traumatic event, such as an illness, accident, assault or natural disaster can produce aggressive and troubling emotions. While some people may overcome these feelings without the need of professional help, others may struggle for lengthy periods of time as they try to understand what they’re feeling and seek a way to cope. At Rice Psychology Group in Tampa, we understand how difficult this situation can be for you or a loved one. Know that we’re here to provide the information and professional help you need.

A traumatic event can leave you feeling hopeless, scared and alone.  We are here to help you cope with the situation and take the first steps in feeling better.

A Traumatic Event Unfolds

There are many examples of traumatic situations that can cause a person to feel frightened and overly stressed:

  • Serious accidents
  • The discovery of a life-altering illness
  • Child abuse
  • Grief
  • Domestic and other forms of personal violence
  • Military combat
  • Natural and manmade disasters

In some cases, after a traumatic event has been experienced, a person will feel numb and cut-off from their surroundings or feelings. A trauma is a stress reaction that overwhelms a person’s ability to cope as they usually do. They may even feel like the world is going on around them in an almost surreal way. This can then be followed by denial where a person might refuse to accept the event and act as if it never happened. These confusing emotions can last anywhere from a few hours to several days but are regularly followed by other complex thoughts and emotions.

What Happens Next?

People will react differently to traumatic events. Some will come to terms with the situation in a relatively short amount of time while others may take significantly longer. It’s important to understand that you may experience a mix of feelings that include:

  • Fear – Some people may feel frightened at the fact that the traumatic event may happen again
  • Helplessness – This feeling can often be accompanied by overwhelming vulnerability
  • Anger – It isn’t uncommon for people to feel anger towards the event or people responsible for it
  • Guilt – People may feel guilty for having survived an event that others didn’t
  • Sadness – A natural feeling that may be experienced following someone’s injuries or death
  • Embarrassment – This can often be felt by people who are ashamed of feeling emotions out of their control
  • Relief – Relief is often experienced when a person realizes that danger has passed
  • Hope – Knowing that life will return to normality
  • Loneliness – A sense that they are the only ones feeling the way they do and nobody can really understand.

We’ll Help You Cope

It takes time to accept and deal with a traumatic event that may have caused you, or someone you know, harm. However, if you feel as if you’re not making any progress, or if you want to understand what a loved one is going through, Rice Psychology Group is here to help.

Our psychologists in Tampa will help you comprehend your situation and face the reality of the event through interviews and evaluations geared towards establishing a conversation where you feel as comfortable as possible. For more information about how our team of psychologists can help, don’t hesitate to contact Rice Psychology Group today.

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