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Boosting the Self-Esteem of a Sensitive Child

Boosting Self-Esteem of Sensitive Child

Ryan is the sweetest kid. He’ll literally go out of his way to please his friends, family and teachers. You can ask him to do anything for you and he’ll put all of his effort into it simply because he wants to help. Unfortunately, I think this might be having a bit of an impact on his self-esteem. If his soccer coach benches him, even if it’s only because other kids need to play, Ryan will take it very hard. He’ll instantly think it’s because of his ability as a player, and his confidence will immediately drop. You can try to reason with him and tell him he was only benched to give other kids the chance to play, but he just won’t listen. I’m beginning to think he’s a very sensitive kid, but what can I do to keep his self-esteem up?

To truly comprehend how self-esteem works, first understand what it means. Self-esteem is how we each feel about ourselves at any given moment, but you have to keep in mind that it’s very dynamic in nature. You can feel like a million bucks when you throw on that new outfit you put together for an interview, but feel like a wreck if the interview doesn’t go your way.

Highly-sensitive people may try to please everyone before considering pleasing themselves. Click To Tweet

It’s not uncommon for highly-sensitive people to try and please everyone before considering pleasing themselves. If a highly-sensitive child is always paying attention to what others are saying, the way people react can leave a relatively-deeper impression on them. At Rice Psychology Group of Tampa, we understand that this can be difficult to deal with, but we have some very helpful ways you can help boost your child’s self-esteem.

Seeing your child struggle with bouts of low self-esteem can be difficult, but with a little help, you can make a big improvement.

Encouragement is a Must

It’s important to show positive encouragement and support for what your child truly is while accepting them for what they are not. That is to say, if your child is a great soccer player, it’s important to support them. However, if he/she is constantly struggling with science class, you shouldn’t hold it against them. This constant stream of support and encouragement can provide the building blocks for much-improved self-esteem and overall happiness.

It’s important to show support for what your child is while accepting them for what they aren’t. Click To Tweet

Sensitivity Equals Strength

Your child’s sensitivity doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It might be easy to simply tell your child to “stop whining” or to “quit being so picky,” but you have to help them understand that their sensitivity is a positive attribute. In many cases, highly-sensitive children tend to be instinctive, imaginative, intelligent and compassionate. Remind them that these qualities are important and can help them become who they really want to be.

In many cases, highly-sensitive children tend to be instinctive, imaginative, and compassionate. Click To Tweet

Help Them Develop a Skill

According to Maureen Healy, author and expert in the field of children’s emotional health and parenting, sensitive children need to express themselves and successfully master their favorite skill. Sara McLachlan, world-renowned singer, revealed she was an insecure child but music provided her with something to be happy about. Perhaps your sensitive child is particularly talented at playing guitar or skateboarding. Whatever the case, it’s your job to encourage your child to succeed at what they want and find happiness in doing so.

We Are Here to Help

At Rice Psychology Group, we understand that you’ll do anything to keep your child from going through bouts of low self-esteem. If you’re worried that your child may currently be going through something similar, or if you need help understanding the parental situation you are in, know that our team of psychologists is here to help. We’ll do everything we can to help you find the solution to your issues in a relaxing environment and with a comfortable approach. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us in Tampa today.

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