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When the Answer is No: Dealing with Rejection

Man dealing with rejection

I really thought I had it. The interview went great, I have more than enough experience and the people who interviewed me seemed to be delighted with everything I said. I realize that this was the first interview I’d had in a few years, but I was really looking forward to this one and honestly don’t think a better opportunity will come any time soon. I really wanted this one! Tammy says it’s important that I keep my head up; she says a job will come soon. I guess I just don’t see it that way.

A person’s opinion or the event you’ve experienced should not have an impact on your self-worth. Click To Tweet

Feeling rejected is something everyone experiences, no matter how confident we are. Typically, however, while most of us feel distressed when faced with any form of rejection, there are others who are absolutely crushed when they are pushed away in their personal or professional life.

Look at your rejection as proof that you’re pushing your limits. Click To Tweet

This can potentially lead to more serious emotional concerns, such as self-rejection and believing one is not good enough and will never be successful. At Rice Psychology Group in Tampa, we understand that rejection can be difficult to deal with, but there are certain steps you and your loved ones can take to handle it in a healthier way.

Rejection, whether personal or professional, can leave you feeling hopeless, but there are ways to help you feel better about yourself.

The Woes of Being Turned Down

According to Elly Prior, relationship therapist and founder of, we have a natural necessity to feel secure. After being rejected, however, our sense of security is threatened and we often feel abandoned and afraid. While rejection can be common, it can be especially painful or worrisome in situations such as:

  • The end of a relationship
  • Applying for a job
  • Applying for a promotion
  • Asking someone out on a date
  • Attempting to join a club or other social group
...we have a natural necessity to feel secure. Click To Tweet

It’s important to understand that everyone deals with rejection in very different ways. While some bounce straight back and try again, others can shy away from attempting to reach their goals. This second group of people is more likely to engage in behavior that can potentially lead to additional rejection. They can also experience more loneliness as they dodge rejection by avoiding social or professional interactions as a whole.

The Steps to Cope

Dealing with rejection can be difficult, but at Rice Psychology Group, we believe that there are certain necessary steps you can take to cope:

  • Acknowledge the event – Facing your uncomfortable emotions is an important step in coping with your discomfort in a healthy way. Rejection is common, and pain and distress are normal, so accept the event and the fact that it was painful.
  • A testament of your efforts – Look at your rejection as proof that you’re pushing your limits.
  • Move on – By dwelling on the event, you can potentially give way to self-blame and make it more difficult to move forward.
  • Look beyond the embarrassment– Everyone has experienced rejection at some point in his or her life. While it may feel like a monumental life event when rejection happens to you, the likelihood is that others won’t think any less of you for going through it.
  • Rejection does not define you – If you’ve been turned down for a job or rejected by a potential love interest, it doesn’t mean you’re incompetent or unlovable. A person’s opinion or the event you’ve experienced should not have an impact on your self-worth.
Facing your uncomfortable emotions is an important step in coping with your discomfort. Click To Tweet

Let Rice Psychology Group Help

Our psychologists understand that rejection can be painful and sometimes difficult to deal with. However, we also believe that with a little work you can find your way out of a rut and back on the path towards feeling better. If you or a loved one is having trouble coming to terms and dealing with rejection, our Tampa psychologists are ready to help. We’ll listen to your story in a comfortable environment and help you find the solution to the issue.

Don’t let rejection get in the way of your life. For more information about what Rice Psychology Group has to offer, give us a call in Tampa today.

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