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Doing Away with the Back-to-School Blues

Dealing with Back to School Blues
In the past, he had been a lot more excited with the back-to-school shopping we would do. I remember he would take his time figuring out which notebooks to buy, which backpack would look the coolest and the clothes he wanted to show off in class! But yesterday, for some reason, he seemed a little more scared about going back to school. It was like every little thing I held up to him to look at made him more and more anxious. Even when we’re at home and I bring up his summer reading, he immediately becomes defensive and short in his answers. I honestly thought he loved school, but for some reason, this year seems to be different.  

It’s that time of year again! The heat is slowly becoming less intense, the teachers are planning their lessons and the back-to-school sale commercials are on a 24/7 loop. It’s not uncommon for children, teens and young adults to groan and roll their eyes at the thought of heading back to class. After all, they’ll have to deal with new teachers, new classmates and new experiences. Yet, for some students, all of these new situations can bring about feelings of anxiousness and uncertainty.

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At Rice Psychology Group in Tampa, we want to help you and your children understand and deal with any issues or emotions that may arise as the new school year approaches.

The new school year brings anxiety and uncertainty, but, with a bit of work, your kids can face and move past these emotions.

Identifying the Anxiety

As the school year draws closer and closer, your school-goer may begin to experience the signs of common anxiety. This can include things such as trouble sleeping, refusing to go to school, being quieter than normal or constantly questioning the upcoming school year. Your loved ones can continue experiencing anxiety through the first days of school, but it generally wears off with time.

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In some cases, children, adolescents and young adults can experience persistent anxiety that can potentially get in the way. These individuals could be experiencing an anxiety disorder that causes them to:

  • Suffer frequent headaches
  • Experience stomachaches
  • Experience nightmares
  • Avoid situations that provoke anxiety
  • Refuse to attend school

At Rice Psychology Group, we understand that you’ll do everything to put an end to your loved one’s anxiety and we’re prepared to do the same.

Ways to Reduce Anxiety

There are effective ways to reduce the back-to-school blues your child or adolescent may be going through. You can:

  • Start the Routine Early – Decrease the back-to-school shock by encouraging your kids to sleep early, organize their school materials and even visit their school campus to reduce the anxiety of the unknown.
  • Communicate – By encouraging your children to share their worries and fears about the upcoming school year, they’ll understand that they can count on you to help with their burden. Ask them what they liked about their previous school year and incorporate it to what the future can hold.
  • Identify the Good – Help your school-goers realize that the new school year will let them see their old friends, participate in their favorite activities and join a sports team. This is an effective way of bringing some excitement into the future.
  • Empathize – It’s important to tell your kids that you’re aware of what they’re going through and will be there if they need your help. You should additionally encourage them to face their fears instead of teaching them to avoid their obstacles.
  • Keep Your Cool – It can be easy to let your child’s anxiety get the best of you, but it’s important to remain calm. Remember, if you appear worried, your kids will become even more stressed.
It’s important to tell your kids that you’re aware of what they’re going through and can help. Click To Tweet

Our Tampa Psychologists Can Help

Chances are that you remember how overwhelming the weeks before the new school year can be. At Rice Psychology Group, we’re ready to help you and your loved ones understand these emotions. Our team of psychologists is here to help you work through the issues that you might be experiencing so that we can find a solution together.

It can be easy to let your child’s anxiety get the best of you, but remember to remain calm. Click To Tweet

Our job is to ensure that you are comfortable with talking with our psychologists. To do so, we provide a relaxing environment designed to make you feel at ease with the conversation. If you’re ready to speak with us, or if you require additional information about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us in Tampa today.

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