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Feeling Blue: 3 Steps You Can Take to Improve Your Winter Mood

Improve Your Winter Mood

Living in Florida, I find that the winters aren’t nearly as bad as they were up north. When I lived in New York, it was tough to make it through the long winters. For many, it isn’t necessarily the cold weather or snow that is so bothersome, it’s the darkness of the days.

It’s common during winter to experience emotions like depression. Click To Tweet

Check out what one man has to say on the topic of winter blues.

“It might sound weird, but in the summer and spring, I’m usually a cheerful person because it’s bright and lively out. In the winter, though, days are more apt to be cloudy and gray. The landscape is also so different. There aren’t trees full of beautiful green leaves or lawns with kids and pets playing about. In winter, everything just seems dead. I’ve noticed over the years that my mood usually reflects this. Getting up in the morning, I look out and instead of seeing a bright, sunny sky, on lots of days I see a cloudy, overcast landscape. It’s also tough coming home from work since it starts to get dark out much sooner compared to the other seasons. I find myself at work just feeling down, not having any energy and wanting to curl up and sleep it all away. I hate this feeling, and it makes me yearn for spring since I know I’ll go right back to being my old, active self. My wife has been going through the same thing, so it’s some consolation that I’m not going through this alone. Even though spring is still a couple of months away, I want to find some ways to overcome these dark moods.

It’s common during winter – and depending where you live – to experience emotions like depression. It’s an uncomfortable period for many, and the fact that it can last for several months may make it even more overwhelming. You should know that there are several things you can do to help overcome these feelings. In this piece, we’ll be going over a few ways to help you climb out of the slumber brought on by the winter blues.

Sadness and depression can be experienced by anyone, no matter the time of year. If you’re going through something emotionally difficult, then contact us in Tampa to speak about your issue.

Spend Time with Loved Ones

If there’s one thing that can cheer most of us up, it’s spending time with those we love. Click To Tweet

If there’s one thing that can cheer most of us up, it’s spending time with those we love. Whether it’s a spouse, children, parents or friends, make time when you can to be together. Having a fun outing can help you avoid or ignore the thoughts that winter brings.

If you’re with your kids, it’s best to avoid mentioning feelings of depression to them, so instead, take them out for a good time. Visit destinations or environments that are lighthearted, like a movie theater or indoor play space. This ties into our previous point about ignoring factors that can bring up negative thoughts. If with a spouse or significant other, go for a night out on the town just to get away.

If you’d rather take a different route, then sit down with someone you trust and express what it is that’s bothering you. Getting these thoughts off of your chest will feel like a great weight being lifted.

Stay Active and Social

There’s a strong mind-body connection when it comes to dealing with overwhelming feelings. If you’re the type of person who loves burning off steam through physical activities, then have at it. Going for a nice jog or hitting the gym for an hour or so can help you get rid of the tension you’re physically feeling that’s being brought on by your emotions.

Being active can also help you sleep better at night, meaning that you may come to a point where you won’t feel sad or depressed in the mornings. And when heading home after a long day, looking forward to some physical exercise might leave you feeling determined instead of down.

There’s a strong mind-body connection when it comes to dealing with overwhelming feelings. Click To Tweet

Also consider joining groups with like-minded individuals, like arts and crafts classes or a book club where you’re encouraged to meet others, make new friends and socialize. This will get you out and about instead of mulling around at home.

Speak to a Professional

If your winter blues are just too strong to overcome through your own efforts, then there’s another option you can take to help feel better. Licensed psychologists who work to help people feeling overwhelmed with depression can provide the outlet you need to manage the emotions that are overcoming you. An important thing to remember about your situation is that you’re not experiencing it alone.

An important thing to remember about your situation is that you’re not experiencing it alone. Click To Tweet

Do you believe the taboo that seeking professional help means that you’re “crazy” or “unstable”? This couldn’t be further from the truth. We all experience unique and challenging emotions brought on by different factors, and the seasons causing you to feel sad cause countless others to feel the same way.

We Want to Help

Our team of licensed psychologists in Tampa invite you to discuss your issues if you’re feeling overwhelmed by winter blues, family problems or just life in general. We provide a comforting, non-judgmental environment where you’re encouraged to be open about your feelings. If you’re ready to take the first step toward feeling better, then we want to hear from you. Contact Rice Psychology Group in Tampa today to get started.

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