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Rice Psychology Group is looking to hire a Licensed Doctoral Level Child/Adolescent Psychologist.
If you are a psychologist who loves working with children and families and would like to learn more about this position or apply, click here.

Appointments at Rice Psychology Group


Who should come to the initial appointment at Rice Psychology Group?

  • Children under the age of 12: We ask that parents come in without the child, so that we will have a chance to fully discuss the issues, history, and overall picture of what is going on without the child having to wait in the waiting room. A second session involves a playing or talking meeting with your child. 
  • Children over the age of 12: If it is appropriate, bring your child to the appointment so they can participate in the process from the start. This meeting will be done in a friendly, informal way that matches your child’s specific developmental needs and comfort level. 
  • Adults: Significant others or parents are more than welcome to come.


Rice Psychology Group in TampaWith any patient, we will take a look at any problems or concerns you may have, and then take a look into the patient’s history, which can tell us a lot. Looking at the full picture, and understanding the past is the key to understanding and addressing current problems going on today. For children patients, this information can include details on the pregnancy, delivery, when certain developmental milestones were achieved, and more.

We, at Rice Psychology Group, are not a cookie cutter practice. Whether you have learning, behavioral, emotional, relationship concerns, we will focus and address that issue. We typically spend about an hour to an hour and a half in the first session in order to get a full understanding of the problem.

The first appointment is important. The more we know about you, and about the problem, the more we can provide a customized treatment.


About Rice Psychology

Rice Psychology Group is home to a team of psychologists who work tirelessly to help adults, adolescents and children deal with their issues. Whether you’re currently dealing with depression, going through a divorce or fighting an issue you just can’t understand, know that our Tampa psychologists are here to help.

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