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Helping Your Child Socialize – Part 2

developing social skillsIn part one of our socialization guidelines series, we brought you the first few steps designed to help your child overcome their struggle with socialization. While issues can arise due to various reasons, there are many things you can do to develop your child’s skill. The Rice Psychology Group knows how much your loved ones mean to you and want to continue helping your child’s cause with the second part of our socialization guidelines series.

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15Playing in Groups

After your child has become accustomed to regular visits to his/her friend’s house, it’s time for group play. As a parent, you’ll have to arrange and build the initial group contact and observe to cut it short if it begins to lose steam. It’s more common for trouble to arise in a group setting – such as ganging up or taking sides – but you have to think on your feet and divert the situation by changing activities when the first signs of trouble begin to show.

Dealing with Inappropriateness

It can be easy for your young ones to experiment and use profane language or actions – pushing, shoving, hitting – while in a group. So, how do you deal with this? In a swift and direct manner.

Letting it go for a later time could lose the impact of your correction and asking your child why he/she did what they did can misdirect your corrective action. Instead, use statements such as, “We don’t use words like that in our home,” or “You’re in time-out for pushing Andy,” will be more effective.

Moving Into the School Setting

Your work in the home front will inevitably expand to your child’s school and their teachers will be grateful for it. Don’t hesitate to request a conference for social discussions with your youngster’s teachers to explore your child’s friendship needs and your efforts to help with their socialization back at home. Your child’s teacher will be glad to observe the classroom and connect them with another youngster with similar characteristics.

Rice Can Help

At the Rice Psychology Group, we know your child means the world to you and we’re ready to help you make strides for their success. Our team of therapists and psychologists work around the clock to evaluate any possible issues and support your child in every step of the way. If you or a loved one has any questions about our services, don’t hesitate to contact our office in Tampa for more information today.

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