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With a New Year Comes a New Diet and Mindset!

Today’s story is personal since it’s mine. Please consider it as it relates to this week’s topic. I’ve struggled with my weight since high school and have gone up, down, and practically sideways on the scale over the years. Breaking my leg in 2005 was a huge setback, and the effects of the weight gained that year have lingered. I’ve heard many people with poor diets and lack of exercise complain of feeling sluggish, both mentally and physically. Like many, there have been days when I’ve had particular trouble focusing and lacked the motivation to get off the couch. After speaking with...

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Spotting the Signs of Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Chances are you, like many of us, have looked at a mirror and decided to improve a certain part of your body, whether it’s an uneven smile or the shape of your eyes. While this can be normal, these thoughts don’t interfere with our daily lives. However, some people can obsess intensely over a specific aspect of their image, which can be extremely harmful and problematic. Body dysmorphic disorder is a mental illness characterized by the inability to stop thinking about appearance flaws, whether they’re minor or non-existent. How can you tell if a loved one is experiencing body dysmorphic disorder?...

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