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The Glass is Half-Full: Seeing the Upside to ADHD with Rice Psychology Group

Do you see life through a slightly different lens? I, Dr. Wendy Rice, surely do.

I’d like to share a little story with you that some of our ADHD friends may be able to relate to.

The Glass is Half-Full: Seeing the Upside to ADHD with Rice Psychology Group Rice Psychology Group

In an attempt to save my furniture, I recently ordered some new cat toys and scratchers. Then I realized that the oldies were true favorites and just needed some rehabbing. So I found some string and small cat toys that mostly just end up lost and rigged these oldies but goodies back into front-line irresistible entertainment centers! Maybe not exactly how I had planned to spend my morning, but fun to do and oh-so rewarding when both cats immediately started playing with them.

Why am I sharing this? Because having a “different” type of brain often leads to the most creative thinking and problem-solving. If you let yourself or your loved ones follow some of their whims, you never know what you might end up with. For me, my kitties are happy, and I saved a bunch of money.

Advantages of ADHD & Thinking Outside the Box

Now, you may wonder what exactly I mean by having a “different” type of brain and how that relates to ADHD. While we often associate negative issues with ADHD and discuss the problems it presents (and yes, ADHD does bring about its share of negative consequences), there are also several advantages that an individual with ADHD may have over others.

  • Creativity. Someone with ADHD may have the ability to think more creatively. Individuals with ADHD tend to be very good at thinking outside the box and exploring all possible solutions. In other words, they may be able to see a creative new use for something or solution that others may not see. For example, when I realized my cat toys and scratchers were in bad shape, I saw the potential in rehabbing them and not just tossing them away and ordering new ones. The ability to imagine something differently and explore all possibilities of the situation is a true advantage of ADHD.
  • Hyperfocus. The ability to stay focused or occupied on a certain task for a long period of time until completed may seem a bit obsessive to some, however, for those with ADHD, this can be a huge advantage. By having laser focus and tuning out the world around them, individuals with ADHD can make sure their task is complete, and that the quality of the outcome is nothing less than stellar.
  • Resilience. As I mentioned before, living with ADHD bring challenges, and it’s because of those challenges someone with ADHD sometimes has to work a great deal harder than others to accomplish their goals or task at hand. Working past these obstacles can help build resilience, courage, and confidence.
  • High Energy. Even though the ‘H’ in ADHD stands for hyperactivity, many people don’t have that particular symptom. But for those who do, there can be an advantage to having a great deal of energy. Having high energy and stamina could mean someone with ADHD may be better at a physical activity or sports. The extra energy they have to burn helps them thrive in environments such as those and work a little harder than those who do not have ADHD.

We often consider a diagnosis such as ADHD a negative thing. But with every negative consequence, I say let’s find a positive. As I listed above, there are definite advantages to living with ADHD. I believe we should work more on celebrating and exploring those advantages while still treating the challenges that come with it. If you have questions about ADHD or want to speak with our team of psychologists in Tampa, FL, Rice Psychology is here for you!

Find Positivity with Rice Psychology Group

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