Dr. Jordan Barnada, Author at Rice Psychology
All initial intake and therapy sessions are continuing to be provided virtually via our secure Zoom portal. Gifted evaluations are being offered both via telehealth and in-person. More extensive evaluations are primarily being performed online with select portions administered in person as deemed appropriate, necessary and safe. You can schedule a 10-minute consult with one of our licensed psychologists by contacting us here or using our contact form.

What Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) is and How it Works

Consider the following story as it relates to this week’s topic. Mary gets the fifth call this week from her child’s preschool about her son hitting other kids, not listening to instructions, and generally being disruptive. She picks him up, tries to talk to him about what happened, and all he does is scream “No!” at her until she gives up. At the grocery store, her son continues to scream as he sits in the cart. Mary gets judgmental looks from other shoppers and does her best to ignore them but feels completely embarrassed. Finally, she hands her son her phone...

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