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What Are the “Post-Holiday Blues?”

Even with the holidays looking different this year, for those like you, there is still a lot on your plate. You’re decorating, buying gifts, cooking, taking photos, and connecting with family - even if it’s through Zoom. After all of this time preparing and connecting, the family departs, decorations come down, and your emotions could shift. Suddenly, you may be feeling lonely or even empty. These feelings can cause our brain to bring up other memories that’ve made us feel this way in the past. When big events (like weddings, graduations, birthdays, and holidays) are finally over and all of the...

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If we all weren’t juggling enough between the many hats we wear as parents, spouses, professionals, and friends; now we have the added stress that has come with the challenges associated with COVID-19 and social-distancing. It is entirely reasonable at this time to feel anxiety over the uncertainty and trying to juggle the never-ending list of responsibilities without everything falling apart. While the list of things to do appears never-ending, practicing mindfulness, even if it is for 5 minutes during short breaks throughout the day can help reduce anxiety. First off, what is mindfulness? While it takes practice, it is not...

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Back to School: Tips for Helping Your Kids with Their Worries

  Summer is coming to an end, meaning that it’s now time to gear up for a new school year! This can often make kids anxious or worried, even if it’s not their first time in school. There are so many unknowns that children can worry about, such as “Who will be in my class?”, “Will I know anyone?” and “Who’ll be my teacher?”. These worries are normal, but there are some basic steps you can take as a parent to reassure your child and get them ready to start the new school year with their head held high. You can start...

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Helping Your Child to Express Their Gratitude in Unique Ways

These factors can include life circumstances and intentional activity. A person’s set point is considered stable and linked to one’s genetics, temperament and personality. Life circumstances are also considered somewhat stable and include age, gender, personal history, etc. Lastly, intentional activity involves actions and thoughts that a person can engage in on a daily basis, such as exercise, being optimistic and setting goals. While a person’s set point and life circumstances are more stable, intentional activities are something that we can hone in on to improve our happiness! So, how exactly can a person increase their happiness? Renowned psychologist Martin Seligman...

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Fostering Kindness: Instilling a Great Virtue in Your Children

By Ashley Diehl Ph.D, Licensed Psychologist I was working with a family the other day on establishing therapeutic goals for their son. When asking the mother what she would like for her son’s future, she responded, “I just want him to be kind.” I hear this response or something similar with almost every family I work with It’s becoming increasingly difficult to instill kindness and empathy in our children when our culture can be “all about me”, and judgment of others can be blasted on social media without seeing the consequences of what is said. So, how can you instill kindness in...

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