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Bonding with Experiences: The Importance of Growing Closer with Your Family

I’d like to share a funny story with you this week. The other day on my way to work, I came to a stoplight and immediately noticed that the car in front of me had numerous bumper stickers strewn across it. This clearly caught my attention because there were so many, and in an effort to kill time at this long light, I proceeded to count them. After all, that’s what you do when you’re stuck at a light behind a car with a ton of stickers, right? In scanning the car over, I got to 100 and stopped, mainly because the...

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Family Therapy: How a Joint Session with Your Loved Ones Can Work Wonders

Consider the following example as it relates to this week’s topic. The other day, one of my daughters came into the kitchen and said, “Hey Dad, I need some money to repay a friend who bought me Starbucks and for some haunted houses I’ll be going to next week for Halloween.” Now, granted, asking for money is a bit of a trigger for me, and nevermind the fact that I’ve routinely talked to her about saving money and getting a job. In walks my older daughter who has conveniently overheard this conversation and says to me, “That’s not fair! I asked for...

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