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A Close Look Into High-Conflict Divorce, Psychological Warfare and PTSD in Children

When a marriage ends, sometimes a high-conflict divorce begins. It’s a situation that we often see when a person and their spouse decide to divorce while wanting for it to be amicable and fairly simple. After all, many of these couples have depended on one another for many years, built a life together and have had children. What many don’t realize, however, is that their spouse has been waiting patiently from a concealed position, strategically surveying the situation before taking action. At just the right moment, the spouse signals to their attorney who is armed with motions and ready to file....

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Collaborative Divorce: The Child Specialist’s Role

A divorce can be one of the most worrisome and emotionally taxing times a couple can experience. While the process and aftermath can be stressful for the spouses involved, it can additionally be incredibly difficult for children. At Rice Psychology Group, we are devoted to helping the divorce process move in a collaborative and productive way. Our child specialist can act as an advocate for the children involved to help their voice be heard through the process. A child’s voice can often go unheard in the divorce process. It’s time to listen to their needs. A Child’s Advocate As a child specialist, Dr. Rice...

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Collaborative Divorce: The Coach’s Role

The Social Readjustment Rating Scale, more commonly known as the Holmes and Rahe Scale, places divorce as the second most stressful situation in a person’s life only behind the death of a spouse. There’s no doubt that a divorce can be extremely taxing and its outcome can significantly impact the lives of everyone involved. However, the help of a neutral mental health professional can allow for everyone’s voice to be heard in a productive way. Aggressive emotions and strong conflicts can often be part of a divorce, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Find the resolution you need today. Walking...

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