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Rice Psychology Group is looking to hire a Licensed Doctoral Level Child/Adolescent Psychologist.
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At Rice Psychology Group, we have adjusted our personal and professional lives to socially distance and stay safe during this pandemic. We recognize that many of you are feeling unsure and worried about what’s to come and how you are going to cope. We get it and are here to support you. With online therapy sessions for new and existing patients, limited testing and twice-daily LIVE interactive videos on Facebook and Instagram, we are doing all we can to stay connected and help you stay safe and sane.

Our mission is to provide top-tier mental health services to the Tampa Bay community, and we are doing just that during this COVID-19 Pandemic. While we have closed our physical offices, our virtual services are up and running smoothly.



We began offering online sessions and telehealth on Monday, March 16th and will continue to do so until public health officials deem it safe to resume normal activities. We are currently offering the following services:

  • Online Therapy Sessions:We are currently offering video sessions for children, teens, adults and families.  It may surprise you that research and our own experience at Rice Psychology Group is that virtual sessions are as effective as meeting in person for adults and children.If you are a current patient and you have therapy appointments already scheduled, we will switch them from in-office to online using a secure, HIPAA-compliant link that we will email to you in advance. The email will have all the instructions to connect.  If you are uncomfortable with a virtual session, we are also able to talk by phone, just let us know your preference.  If you have trouble accessing the link, please email your therapist or the office at and

• Online Initial Intake Appointments: In response to the current situation, we are now offering virtual sessions for your first/initial appointment. As with ongoing therapy, we will send you an email with simple instructions for how to access the session.

• Testing: We are offering limited testing and assessment services during this period of time. Please contact the office so that we can work with you to determine whether we can perform your evaluation virtually. All evaluations (with the exception of Gifted Testing) begin with a comprehensive background and developmental history interview (our initial Intake) which we can do virutally. During this initial meeting, we work with you to understand your concerns and develop a plan for the type of testing and assessment needed. We are still able to provide this part of the process and will follow up with the face to face testing sessions just as soon as it is safe to do so. Please call or email the office to set up your initial intake appointment for a psychoeducational or psychological evalution. This includes any evaluations needed for extended time or other educational or testing accommodations. If you have already completed the testing portion, FEEDBACK sessions can be held virtually and reports will be mailed to you.

We want to also provide you with a Therapist Directory so that you can reach out to our clinicians directly while we are all working virtually.

Dr. Ashley Diehl       
Dr. Wendy Rice        
Dr. Nikel Rogers-Wood
Dr. Anna Schrack      
Dr. Elaine Spencer    
Matt Rigberg, LMHC
Andy Coble, LMHC   

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.  Please let us know how we can support you during this unusual time.

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