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Rice Psychology Group is looking to hire a Licensed Doctoral Level Child/Adolescent Psychologist.
If you are a psychologist who loves working with children and families and would like to learn more about this position or apply, click here.

Providing Treatment Services in Old Seminole Heights

Seminole Heights therapy & psychology servicesResidents of Old Seminole Heights looking to help their child with attention, memory and organization should consider Rice Psychology Group. If your child is struggling with school and lacks overall focus, we will do everything in our power to help them succeed.

Serving Old Seminole Heights

Old Seminole Heights residents looking for a solution to disorganization can expect exceptional help from our group of professionals. We work with your child to help define areas of trouble and introduce methods and tools to help organize their day and increase their focus.

Sometimes, though, problems of organization and focus can go deeper. In that case, Rice Psychology Group is here to help diagnose and treat your child’s issue. We offer parents in Old Seminole Heights and the rest of Tampa with a support group to help form connections and share resources with families experiencing similar situations.

From diagnoses to treatment, our team is prepared to help your family every step of the way. Our comprehensive diagnostic testing specifies the problem, after which we build a method of treatment.

Here for You and Your Family

We offer total psychological care for residents of Old Seminole Heights in a comfortable and accepting environment. We want to help you get better and have the resources and expertise to help.

If you, your child or anyone you know in Old Seminole Heights is in need of psychological help, we are here and ready to serve you. If you wish to learn more about our services, or need to set an appointment, contact us online or at 813.969.3878.

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