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Rice Psychology Group is looking to hire a Licensed Doctoral Level Child/Adolescent Psychologist.
If you are a psychologist who loves working with children and families and would like to learn more about this position or apply, click here.

Serving Downtown Tampa

Child Psychologist in Downtown Tampa
Downtown Tampa is the heart of activity in the city. Its citizens come from an amazing variety of backgrounds, and it’s not hard to imagine the struggles some of them may be facing.

At Rice Psychology Group, we understand that dealing with a psychological issue can be one of the hardest things you and your family can deal with. We strive to provide our patients with a comfortable and non-judgmental environment where we can work toward a position of healing and understanding together.

Family Care

If you or your child is suffering or feeling held back, we provide an extensive collection of child psychology services and other resources to help you heal. Whether it is a case of depression, anxiety or varying levels of ADD/ADHD, we understand the importance of treatment.

From the first appointment, we work to find the root cause of troubles through our diagnostic testing. We provide patients with a series of questions designed to lay the groundwork and specify where the problem area is before working to fix it.

Comprehensive Care

Once a diagnosis is made, we work together to create a comprehensive treatment plan that can include everything from medication to therapy. Our highly trained team thrives on creating an open and inviting environment during therapy sessions so patients can comfortably discuss their troubles in an effort to improve.

We also provide countless resources for parents as they work to help their children tackle their issues. We provide extensive reports throughout treatment and programs like support groups for parents with children dealing with ADD/ADHD.

At Rice Psychology Group, we understand the importance of proper treatment. The basis of our child psychology practice is working together to provide what’s best for adults or their children. If you or a loved one is in need of help, contact us online or give us a call at 813.969.3878 and we’ll set up your first appointment.

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