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All initial intake and therapy sessions are continuing to be provided virtually via our secure Zoom portal. Gifted evaluations are being offered both via telehealth and in-person. More extensive evaluations are primarily being performed online with select portions administered in person as deemed appropriate, necessary and safe. You can schedule a 10-minute consult with one of our licensed psychologists by contacting us here or using our contact form.


Everyone’s brain is different and
that is a wonderful thing…

Have you or someone you love ever felt different or like you didn’t fit in?

Have you found that you just don’t “get it” when it comes to school or work or being organized?

You are not alone…

Throughout my childhood I knew that I was different.


I felt like I was stupid and alone….

Harsh words I know, but it’s true. And, if you’ve had similar thoughts about yourself it’s time you hear that it is not true.

In this free chapter from Succeeding Against All Odds, I share my story and how I put systems into place to help me become organized and successful.

I hope you enjoy it and that it helps you find your own path to success.



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