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All initial intake and therapy sessions are continuing to be provided virtually via our secure Zoom portal. Gifted evaluations are being offered both via telehealth and in-person. More extensive evaluations are primarily being performed online with select portions administered in person as deemed appropriate, necessary and safe. You can schedule a 10-minute consult with one of our licensed psychologists by contacting us here or using our contact form.

Cognitive Training

Cognitive Training for the BrainBrain Training: Fitness for your Brain

Mind Power Builder: Our fantastic and fun new brain training program. Cloud based and easy to complete at home and/or in the office or with phone coaching. Cognitive training helps build the foundation skills for success at school, college and work.

Brain Train Cognitive Training helps improve brain fitness and mental functioning.

Check out our success stories to learn more about how our clients are using Brain Train to perform better in the classroom and in life, or see Rice Psychology Group’s Brain Train program featured in our news stories.

Unlike tutoring, which teaches reading, math and other skills, cognitive training works by helping individuals improve their brain fitness and mental functioning – the very foundations for learning that all other skills are built upon. Cognitive training techniques enable children and adults of all ages to think more effectively, focus better and remember more.

In our cognitive training practice, Rice Psychology Group uses a proven combination of Brain Train computer software and instructive counseling. The computer-based program uses fun yet challenging exercises to motivate participants while stimulating the areas of the brain responsible for attention, impulse control, memory, visual and auditory processing, conceptual reasoning and more.

At the same time, our Tampa therapists work alongside clients, coaching them through strategies to improve decision making, enhance problem solving and overcome frustration.

Computer-Based Cognitive Training System for Children, Teens and Adults

img-cog2Cognitive training is a clinically proven approach, and we’re seeing the benefits of Brain Train firsthand. Rice Psychology Group recently analyzed pre- and post-training skill levels of clients who completed 20 or more hours of the program. More than 76% showed clinically significant improvement in one or more foundations skills, and parents have reported improvement in their child’s school performance and in their overall maturity and sense of responsibility.

The Rice Psychology Group’s Brain Train program is ideal for:

  • Those with a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD who are looking for a medicine-free approach to treatment that can be used alone or in conjunction with medication.
  • Students with learning differences looking to improve their performance in the classroom
  • High-performing students looking to improve their scores on standardized tests
  • Adults wanting to improve their memory

Mind Power Builder

Our success with the program is significantly increased when it is administered in the office, allowing for adjustments as the individual progresses through the exercises. Therefore, we are now offering a combination office/home program, which allows us to keep the cost low and allows for more family flexibility in completing the necessary brain train hours each week while allowing individuals to reap the benefits of in-office program assistance.

Pricing for Brain Train

An initial phone screening will determine the appropriateness of the program with Dr. Rice.

  • Pre-testing and brief interview to determine needs – $250 (Mind Power Builder Evaluator – plus additional if needed)
  • Home program custom-designed for each individual – $295 (1 Year Lease, 1 Player)
  • 10 once-weekly in-office training sessions – $75 each (individual or small group)
  • 30-minute wrap-up sessions – To be completed after 20 hours of training to review progress, summarize training results and discuss if further training is recommended.

*Individual sessions are available with Dr. Rice and can be scheduled at $200 per hour.

**It is preferable if in-office sessions are consecutive, but due to possible conflicts, 15 weeks are available from the time of purchase.


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