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    Dear Mom and Dad,

    Do you have a gut feeling that what your child is going through is more than the terrible twos or normal teenage angst? Is your child’s school telling you one thing while your pediatrician says something different, leaving you unsure of which way to go? Perhaps you’re wondering what their typical behavior should be and whether what you are seeing falls outside of the norm and should be cause for concern.

    When it comes to behavior and learning difficulties, it’s easy to make assumptions that aren’t always correct. You don’t want to treat your child’s learning or behavior difficulties with the wrong remedy as it can have long-term effects on their ability to be successful in school and society.

    We understand you want to support your child’s development, which can be daunting when you feel as if you lack the information needed to make the right decision.

    The best way to know what’s going on with your child is with a full assessment. This will help determine what you should be concerned about. Testing doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something wrong. It may show that your child needs more structure, additional reminders or a specific type of help to get his or her reading off the ground. It may also show that your child is experiencing anxiety or is depressed and needs some emotional support.

    Your child deserves to know which strategies are best suited for him or her, which is why we specialize in “Strategies for Success” at Rice Psychology Group. Our testing and assessments help us isolate the issue and help your child build their strengths. Testing also does a combination of developing skills in their area of difficulty and/or works around them.

    Take the first step and schedule an initial consultation appointment to determine if your child could benefit from a formal assessment or other type of intervention. Get the information you need to help your child feel good, be healthy, handle school demands and be successful in life.


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