FAQ: Cognitive Training ADHD: Brain Train Software
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FAQ – Cognitive Training

Q: Does the Brain Train software “cross the midline” to train the whole brain?


brain training program in TampaA: Brain Train’s software program, called Captain’s Log, allows for the selection of programs that activate and require the cooperative interaction of different brain centers. These centers are generally referred to as lobes, such as for example the Frontal Lobes (executive functioning), Temporal Lobes (listening and reading skills), etc. Thus, anyone using the Captain’s Log cognitive training system successfully will be required, by necessity, to use the different parts of their brain in an integrative and synergistic manner that utilizes intercommunication between brain centers.

One aspect of the integrative communication of brain centers can be referred to as “crossing the midline,” but cognitive training is not just limited to inter-hemispheric communication. Given that the Captain’s Log system trains more than 20 cognitive abilities, it can be best referred to as a “Whole Brain” training system.


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