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Halloween Jitters: 5 Tips for Parents to Take the Fright Out of this Fun Holiday

Halloween Jitters: 5 Tips for Parents to Take the Fright Out of this Fun Holiday psychologists in Tampa

If you’re the parent of a young child and are dreading Halloween, then you’re not alone. Many parents fear exposing their young ones to scary things like costumes, masks, movies and such. But breathe a sigh of relief because our licensed mental health counselors and psychologists in Tampa want to offer five tips to make Halloween fun and not scary!

Select the Right Costume

Get creative with your child’s costume. This is the perfect time to sit down with your child and brainstorm together. If your little one frightens easily, try something fun and more traditional like a:

  • Bedsheet-style ghost
  • Friendly vampire (without the fake blood)
  • Mummy (your little one will have fun wrapping themselves up!)
  • Their favorite superhero or TV/movie character

Also remember that a costume doesn’t have to be scary just because it’s Halloween! Here at Rice Psychology Group, we’ve seen countless cute, fun and unique costumes such as:

  • Avocados
  • Candy Corns
  • Boxes of Crayons

The possibilities are endless. Be sure to let your child choose what they want to dress as, within reason. That’s part of the fun!

Trick-or-Treating with Others Their Age

It might be best to take your little one trick-or-treating with friends their own age. Older kids may be dressed in scarier outfits, giving your little one a case of the jitters. Reach out to friends and family with kids the same age and make it a group outing. This way, your child will be with others they know and will feel safer. It also may be a good idea to take your little ones out before it gets dark. Trick-or-treating after daylight can be scary and less safe for younger kiddos.

Turn Something Scary into Something Enjoyable

We all know that horror movies and shows are popular on TV during Halloween. If your child sees something on TV or online that scares them, a great idea is to find what they saw and replay it on mute. Then you can make up your own storyline together. Make it funny, silly and quite different. Watch it repeatedly until it loses its power to frighten. When kids can do this, it helps them master their fear and turns something scary into something enjoyable.

Stay in for Movie Night

Another popular option is to stay in and make it a Halloween movie theme night! Of course, it’s best to choose a movie that is age-appropriate. You don’t want your young one watching something like The Shining.

Hosting a Halloween-Themed Party

Yet another great choice for a home activity is to host a Halloween party for family and friends. Age-appropriate fun for the little ones can include:

  • Pumpkin-carving (with adult supervision)
  • Candy treasure hunting (similar to egg hunting on Easter)
  • Decorating edible treats like Halloween cupcakes or cookies

Helping You and Your Child

We understand that you’d do anything to keep your child safe and happy. That’s why we hope that our tips will help you keep Halloween fun and not too scary. If you’d like some additional guidance or information on how to create a fun Halloween experience, then contact our licensed psychologists in Tampa, for your free 10-minute consultation today. Read our reviews online to see how we helped others.

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