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Jumping on the Cognitive Brain Train

Sarah received yet another “D” in English. She has had several tutors and is still having difficulty in the subject. Her parents want to help her, but do not know what may be issue. The reason for Sarah having difficulty learning may lie in several areas of cognitive processing.

What is Cognitive Training?

Cognition is a broad set of abilities that when used together, allow us to perceive, process, manipulate and respond to information. Some examples of cognitive functions are attention, memory, abstract reasoning and problem solving.

Cognitive Training entails completing a variety of computerized exercises specifically designed to improve cognitive functioning in areas such as sustained attention, thinking before acting, visual and auditory processing, listening and remembering. These are areas in which ADHD, brain-injured and learning disabled individuals experience difficulties.

The idea behind cognitive training is to help improve the “core” abilities and self-control necessary for an individual to succeed academically. Some research shows it may even help create new neural pathways.

Since cognitive training requires repetition and one-on-one instruction, the computer is ideal for this activity. In addition, successful completion of increasing challenging exercises improves self-esteem and makes learning enjoyable. By using the computer, children get immediate reinforcement, which works great for those with ADHD. Trained therapists observe and guide players, receive immediate scoring and have the ability to record progress as well as make adjustments to the individualized programs.

How does Brain Train software help with cognitive training?

“Captain’s Log” and “Memory Gym” from Brain Train are cognitive training programs that work by helping individuals improve the condition of their brain. Similar to how exercise improves one’s health, Brain Train is a form of “fitness” for mental functioning. Cognitive training sets forth the foundation for learning and other skill and specifically targets working memory. Working memory is an extension of short term memory as it enables us to hold in mind multiple bits of information simultaneously and relate them to each other or perform some type of mental manipulation.

Research shows brain-training exercises can improve the cognitive functioning of people with ADD/ADHD and learning difficulties by directly building memory skills, processing speed and executive functioning. By improving overall thinking, the brain actually changes as a result of the principles of neuralplasticity (changes in neural pathways and synapses which are due to changes in behavior, environment and neural processes).

What are the Benefits of Brain Train?

The Brain Train program uses fun and challenging exercises to motive participants while stimulating the areas of the brain responsible for:

  • Attention Span
  • Memory Processing Speed
  • Impulse Control
  • Visual Processing
  • Conceptual Reasoning (problem solving)
  • Listening Skills

Brain Train is ideal for:

  • Individuals with symptoms/diagnosis of ADD or ADHD
  • Students with learning differences who struggle in the classroom and with homework
  • Students seeking to improve standardized test scores
  • Students and adults wanting to improve focus, memory and executive functioning

At Rice Psychology Group, trained therapists use “meta concepts” such as, “taking your time pays off in the end” or “focused practices leads to great results”.  We stop and discuss strategy; adjust the program; provide positive reinforcements and support; recognize good effort; applaud clients who are willing to try a hard game a second time and learn from their errors. There are no true “mistakes” when using the Brain Train program; there is only true growth potential and endless learning opportunity. And for children, we add up points they earn from the program, and later they are able to redeem points in our store for cool prizes like Lego Kits and gift cards.

If you want more information or a free consultation on how the Brain Train program works and all its benefits, please contact us now.



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