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Collaborative Divorce: The Coach’s Role

collaborative divorce helpThe Social Readjustment Rating Scale, more commonly known as the Holmes and Rahe Scale, places divorce as the second most stressful situation in a person’s life only behind the death of a spouse. There’s no doubt that a divorce can be extremely taxing and its outcome can significantly impact the lives of everyone involved. However, the help of a neutral mental health professional can allow for everyone’s voice to be heard in a productive way.

Aggressive emotions and strong conflicts can often be part of a divorce, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Find the resolution you need today.

Walking You Through the Process

The divorce process can be infinitely stressful and driven by very strong emotions. This can create a tense environment that can make way for conflict and prevent a productive outcome.

A neutral mental health professional takes the role of “divorce coach” to manage the conversations and proceedings while keeping emotions controlled. It’s common for a neutral mental health professional to assist in:

  • Working effectively and efficiently with the lawyers involved in the proceedings
  • Cultivating communication
  • Developing skills for conflict resolution
  • Revealing the divorce to children
  • Creating a parenting plan that both parents agree with
  • Cooperating effectively when carrying out the parenting plan
  • Reviewing and amending the parenting plan when/if necessary

Here When You Need Us

Rice Psychology Group understands how stressful and exhausting the divorce process can be for everyone involved. However, you don’t have to take on these trying times on your own. Your family should be able to get through the divorce process in a respectable and efficient manner, and Dr. Wendy Rice is ready to do just that. If you or a loved one needs more information about this process, don’t hesitate to contact us in Tampa today.

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Rice Psychology Group is home to a team of psychologists who work tirelessly to help adults, adolescents and children deal with their issues. Whether you’re currently dealing with depression, going through a divorce or fighting an issue you just can’t understand, know that our Tampa psychologists are here to help.

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